Education program

Early Childhood Education

Happy children
ready to
succeed in
a global world

Learning through play

We work with children to take advantage of the possibilities of physical, cognitive, and relational growth at the most intense and critical time of their development so as to help them construct their personality and enhance their immense capacities, unmatched at later stages.

We help the very youngest children in their discovery, experimentation, and understanding of the world around them through sensory stimulation, learning through imitation and the creation of an atmosphere rich in carefully ordered stimuli, thoroughly organised to serve each little one’s potential to develop fully.

1st Preschool-Education Cycle
Infant classroom – 0 to 1 years. Private education.

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1 and 2 years level. Private education.

    How do we work?

  • Discovery learning through experimentation.
  • Safe and stimulating spaces.
  • Sensory workshops.
  • Children’s massage.
  • Psychomotricity and English-language sessions.
  • Emotional education.
  • Language stimulation.
  • Introduction to cultural (theatre, concerts) and environmental activities.
Second Preschool-Education Cycle
3, 4, and 5 years level. Subsidised education.

    How do we work?

  • Active methodologies: project work, activity corners and cooperative learning.
  • Bilingual programme in English.
  • Native speaking assistants.
  • Swimming during school hours.
  • Music and psychomotricity sessions led by specialists.
  • Language stimulation.
  • Environmental education: “Ecoescuela” eco-friendly school.
  • IT resources: robotics, digital whiteboards, tablets, and computers.
  • Emotional education.
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities: cultural, sporting, and musical.
  • Cultural activities within and outside of the centre.

Join our Preschool-Education School

  • Own kitchen with menus adapted to each age.
  • Awareness of allergies and intolerances.
  • Extended hours.
  • Medical office during the school day with daily visit to classrooms.
  • Daily information via the agenda.
  • Daily contact with teachers.
  • Family participation.
  • Quarterly individual and group meetings.
  • Guidance department for students and families.
  • Online information and management educational platform.
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