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GSD Cooperative Group

The GSD Cooperative Group aims to promote and participate in the development of cooperative business initiatives, as well as to create alliances that encourage solidarity and business efficiency. The aim is to reinforce the role of cooperatives in our society as agents of social and economic transformation, in order to achieve a fairer, more caring society.

GSD currently acts as the head of the Cooperative Group, participating in the following companies:

El Mercante was created in 2007 and has four members. It works in the field of creation, design, production and commercialization of all kinds of products related to textiles. It specializes in school and work uniforms, adapting the designs to the corporate identity of each company.elmercante.es

Tosande was founded in 2006 with the goal of caring for the elderly, providing a service that contributes towards substantially improving their quality of life. Professionalism and humanity are key to the service. Include COVID protocols certification

Tosande is the owner of Los Balcones nursing home and day care center, located in Leganés. It has a facility with 128 places in a night residence and 70 places in a day center, on a private and subsidized basis.

It is a worker cooperative founded by education workers from Alcalá de Henares in 2005. Its works in the GSD Alcalá school which, connected with GSD since its beginnings, works with the same educational project to welcome in its classrooms students from early childhood to high school. Since 2007, it has also managed the Galatea Nursery School of the City Council of Alcalá de Henares.eacomplutense.es

Physed is a cooperative in the multidisciplinary healthcare field, which was created with the fundamental goal of improving people's quality of life. It is represented by three members and offers different services related to fitness improvement: physiotherapy treatments, maintenance, dietetics and Pilates.clinicaphysed.com

The Artemus cooperative was created in 2010 by three members and is made up of professional experts in formal and informal training and education of music, dance and performing arts. Since its founding, it has developed and managed the musical and artistic project of GSD in all its educational centers, as well as different Municipal Schools of Music and Dance of various municipalities in the Community of Madrid. It serves more than 2,700 students.artemus.coop

Endesys' activity focuses on comprehensive IT services, with experience in implementing ICT-IT models in educational centers, companies and public administrations.endesys.es

Other projects:

SERYES is an ethical and solidarity-based insurance brokerage specialized in the educational sector and individuals, from its beginnings it has been connected to cooperatives. It boasts the Etshi seal, which endorses its transparent, quality management. seryes.com

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