Why GSD?

The main objective of GSD Education is to contribute to the education of happy, responsible and critical individuals. World citizens respectful of the environment, ready to function in a global world, participating in their own traditions and learning from other cultures.

We are committed to the total success of our students through the comprehensive education of the individual through the arts, culture, sports and respect and interest in nature.

We strive for excellence in our students and have successful academic results endorsed by external evaluations.

We believe in serving families, in their involvement in the educational process and their complicity in learning.

Our professionals are known for their permanent involvement and closeness to the families.

Not only do we promote bilingualism and acquiring foreign languages, but also developing skills to succeed in a global world.

We promote work habits and discipline to achieve self-improvement and love for a job well done.

We encourage a positive attitude, both personal and professional, towards IT, using methodologies such as programming and robotics applied to the classroom.

Innovation is part of our day-to-day. Cooperative learning and teamwork are the basic principle of our teaching methodology.

We believe in a secular culture that involves tolerance, respect and free thought, encouraging critical thinking. Our students are supportive and respectful of ethical and social norms that promote coexistence.

We are a respectable, socially responsible, innovative and efficiently managed cooperative.

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